Neenu's Natural: Unveiling the Timeless Trio of Indian Goodness


Namaste, I am Neenu, the founder of Neenu's Natural, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to my favourite trio of Indian delights. Imagine, a cozy evening surrounded by loved ones, sipping on steaming masala chai, savoring the crispiness of methi mathris, and relishing the sweet and spicy notes of our lemon pickle - perfect family time. This is the heartwarming experience we offer, straight from our all-women run kitchen to your homes.

The Timeless Trio:
Our trio consists of Whole Wheat Methi Mathri, Sweet and Spicy Lemon Pickle, and Chai Masala – each crafted with love and inspired by traditional Indian roots. It's the perfect snack, bringing families together without any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors. A sip of masala chai with crispy mathris and tangy pickle - pure bliss. And no guilt too - no reused oil, no palm oil or white salt!


Whole Wheat Methi Mathri:
Our healthier take on traditional snacking, these mathris are made with whole wheat flour and sunflower oil, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence. Share them with your family and pair them with our Sweet and Spicy Lemon Pickle for a delightful twist.

Sweet and Spicy Lemon Pickle:
Breaking away from the usual Mathri-mango pickle combo, we suggest you pair mathris with our oil-free pickle which is a harmony of sweet, spicy, salty, and tangy flavors. It's not just a treat for your taste buds but also a healthy, probiotic option crafted through sun curing – a modern twist to a timeless classic.

Chai Masala:
Hand-picked spices, fresh aromas, and the goodness of tulsi make our Chai Masala a standout. It's not just for masala chai; try it as a hot water concoction with honey for a soothing experience. I have carefully selected each spice to create the perfect blend.

The Perfect Trio for Your Evening:
Gather friends and family, let the chai flow, complemented by the crunch of mathris and the burst of flavors from the pickle. It's a journey down memory lane and will remind you of your naani-daadi’s kitchen.

Sustainable and Ethical:
Our commitment extends beyond taste – we source locally, use eco-friendly packaging, and support local women through every purchase. Join us at to indulge in these timeless Indian snacks and support a cause close to our hearts.

Join Our Movement:
Neenu's Natural is more than snacks; it's a story, a philosophy, and a commitment to a greener, healthier planet. Dive into the cultural heritage of Indian snacks, explore the benefits of whole wheat, and join us in supporting local businesses and eco-friendly practices.

Thank you for being a part of my journey – every bite is a step towards a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. I want to inspire each health conscious Indian to join us in this healthy revolution.

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