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Garam Masala – Taste and Health Together

Garam masala is one of the most famous spices blend in India. It has several therapeutic benefits and is usually made using a whole bunch of ingredients. When we talk about India, one thing that came in mind is its cultural diversity. A country full of traditions, culture, heritage, food, spirituality and what not. India has contributed the world so many things and the most widely appreciated contribution is probably the cultivation and use  of spices. One of the most popular spice blends in India is called garam masala. It’s an amazing mix that can make even the flattest or blandest of meals interesting. However, there’s more to it than just taste. This article “Garam Masala – Taste and Health Together” will...

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Laddu - The best of all Indian Sweets

Laddu will surely be the most likely contender, if some day India has to choose a national sweet dish. No doubt, "Laddu -The best of all Indian Sweets". India is a country with variety of sweets and outnumber the sweets in any part of the world. Laddu is an omnipresent sweet in every festival, occasion like wedding, auspicious rituals, ceremonies, celebrations etc. Obviously every region in India has its own varieties of laddu with different flavors.

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