Why Neenu's Natural?

'Packaged food' - a term that has become synonymous with all that is unhealthy - chemical laden, preservative laden - carrying a product label with several chemical names and codes. However, packaged food is all around us and we just cannot live without it!

Neenu's Natural helps you address this very situation. presenting 100% natural, whole grain, zero chemical packaged food products that are tasty, handy and healthy.

We hand pick our ingredients. All the chemically processed ingredients go where they belong - in the trash. Each recipe is an heirloom - handed down through generations and perfected using contemporary wisdom regarding healthy eating and incorporating Ayurvedic principles.

Each Neenu's Natural product has zero chemical, zero processed grain and is absolutely natural. No palm or cotton seed oil. No white salt. No refined sugar. Just 100% wholesome, handcrafted, happiness made with mothers' love! Lots of vegan options to choose from.

Watch this space for regular updates on all our products.




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