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Growing up in a small town in the Northern part of India in the 1970s had a charm like no other. As we walked home from school in the sweltering summer heat, my friends and I would look forward to the refreshing glasses of sherbet that my mother would keep ready.

Creating a glass of sherbet in those days was no easy task. Getting all the handpicked ingredients together, creating a puree out of them or juicing them, seasoning them and finally getting ice from the ice shop for chilling the final product. The result of this laborious process however a refreshing, nourishing and soulful glass of a summer cooler. How I still remember the aam panna, nimbu sharbat, mango squash, kesar sharbat and the thandai!

As years passed by and the Rasnas of the world took over, these natural, nutritious drinks disappeared into oblivion. Fast forward to my days as a mom to two young boys – in the hot summer of Bhopal, they would come home and ask for a glass of cola! The only way to stop this was to seek inspiration from my mother and create refreshing drinks for my boys. In this process were born lots of refreshing natural drink concentrates.

With young mothers working these days, they need all the support possible to serve healthy drinks to their families, especially kids. Understanding this predicament, I am presenting a range of easy to use, all natural, super refreshing, zero chemical drink concentrates. Loaded the goodness of natural ingredients.

The Neenu’s Natural range of summer drinks is super healthy and perfect for the wellness of the entire family. Beware though that these will send you on a trip down memory lane and there will be nostalgia galore.

Use these concentrates to create quick refreshing sherbets or add these concentrates to create your mocktails!

I welcome you to try our natural aam panna, kokum drink concentrate, mango fruity concentrate and shahi kesar elaichi concentrate. Our thandai powder is an absolute must try – the flavours of summer combined with the perfect balance of spices and nutrition of nuts.

From a mother’s kitchen to your homes, Neenu’s Natural summer coolers will definitely refresh you this summer!





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