Pickles- Indian Meal Is Incomplete Without It

Pickles called as  “Achar” in hindi is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine.

Indian food are famous across the world for the use of exotic spices which are found mainly in India. Pickles are an important part of Indian cuisine. People who love Indian cuisine can’t think of an Indian meal which does not have pickles in it.

If you are also a pickle lover who would love to read “Pickles – Indian Meal Is Incomplete Without It”

Brief History of Pickles

Pickles are known to be about 4000 years old. It is believed that it was cucumber that was once preserved with a number of spices and eaten with food back then in 2030 BC by Tigris Valley’s inhabitant.

This preserved cucumbers were used for their healing effect. This is actually the beginning of pickles in the Indian history and culture.

Pickling is actually a process of preserving fruits and vegetables. In the earlier days when there were no existence of refrigerator, raw fruits and vegetables were preserved to be used for a longer duration with the pickling process.

Why Indians Love to Eat Pickles

We Indians love food and don’t hesitate to try the things that add taste to the food. Just like we love to eat red chilli sauce to add taste to momos or burger, similarly pickles boost the tangy and spicy effect of Indian dishes.

It adds taste to regular Indian meal like roti, sabzi, dal or can be enjoyed with parathas and pooris too.

If you love a tangy taste with a combination of spices, sugar and salt all together, a spoonful of pickle in your meal must be there.

Without a pickle neither your plate look wholesome nor does it feel like you have had a relishing meal altogether.

Every home, every restaurant serve pickles, every tiffin box must have pickle in it. Whether we go out for a picnic or  carry our food during travelling we never forget to carry a bottle of pickle with us. This itself show that how much we Indians love to eat pickles.

Health Benefits of Homemade Pickles

benefits of Indian pickle

Although it has been a matter of discussion whether pickles are good for health or not. But being an Indian food lover you can’t deny the following health benefits of homemade pickles.

1.     Rich source of vital vitamins and minerals

Indian homemade pickles are prepared with unripe vegetables and varieties of healthy spices like fenugreek, coriander, turmeric and few more. These spices are source of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamic A, vitamin K and minerals like iron, calcium and potassium.

2.    Indian pickles have antioxidant properties

Indian pickles have antioxidants that protect a living body against the attack of free radicals. Free radicals are very dangerous and alter configuration of DNA when mixed with it.

Our Indian pickles are rich in the micronutrients as they contain raw and unripe ingredients.

3.    Indian pickles boost your immunity

Indian pickles contain a lot of turmeric powder. Turmeric powder is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which acts as immunity booster. It has a chemical called curcumin which help your body to fight against the virus and bacterial attack.

4.    Improves the process of digestion in your body

India is a country with diversity in culture, tradition and food habits. But one thing is common that is use of pickles in regular meals. Pickles are served with most of the Indian meals because it not only adds the taste to the food but it aids the digestion process.

Our digestive process generates probiotic bacteria in our body which help us to digest the food. But with the lifestyle changes and use of antibiotics the bacteria’s are generated in less number and are being destroyed. This result into several digestive ailments.

Here our naturally fermented pickles help us, as they have the ability to boost the growth of these probiotics which improves the digestive process in our body.

5.    Indian pickles can protect your liver

Some Indian pickles have the properties which help you protect your liver. Primarily Gooseberry or Amla pickle have hepatoprotective properties which protect the liver from harmful liver attacks.

These pickles if consumed on a regular basis can also reduce the damage caused to your liver.

Final Words

Pickles are a small but inseparable part of our meals. They have an amazing taste and can make any mundane meal tasty and relishing. After reading this blog “Pickles- Indian Meal Is Incomplete Without It” you must be craving for some tasty healthy pickles. You don’t need to worry preparing them. Just visit Neenu’s Natural portal to order pickles online.

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