Amla: The Secret to Boosting Immunity and Well Being

Amla, Amlaki or Indian Gooseberry – call it by whatever name that you may, this tiny berry is undoubtedly a superfood. Amla ticks all the boxes – rich in vitamin C and hence boosts immunity. It also contributes to excellent skin and great over all health.

When we were younger, the fun of plucking fresh Amla off a tree and savouring the tangy freshness was unparalleled.

As the city life catches on, we need to buy Amla from the local supermarket. The excitement now is less to do with plucking them off a tree but more about making delicious dishes out of Amla. So here’s all you need to know about Amla:

  1. How to Buy the Best Amla: Look for stain free, big size, firm, light coloured ones. These are fresh, have more pulp and are not overly bitter. You can eat these raw as well!
  2. What can you make out of Amla? The opions are endless:
    1. Amla Pickle: One of the best uses of Amla. Pickle made using fresh Amla, natural cold pressed oil and hand pounded spices is not just the healthiest but lip smackingly good. I make this using my family recipe and this Amla Pickle is divine. If you would like to try a jar, order here.
    2. Amla Murabba: Made using handpicked Amlas and jaggery, one piece of this murabba is all you need for all your nutritional needs for the day. Great for all ages and I loved this as a child. Indeed the best way to get your little ones to down an amla a day. For all you busy moms, order your jar now!
    3. Amla Chutney: 2 Amlas, one spicy green chilly, handful of dhania and pudina leaves, salt, a small piece of jaggery – blend, blend, blend. Your super fresh chutney is ready. Try it now and thank me later for sharing this recipe!
    4. Amla juice: Take the pulp of two amlas, add a piece of jaggery to it, some cardamom and blend along with a glass of water. Add some ice to this and enjoy a refreshing super healthy drink.


And now let’s speak a bit about why this tine berry is such a super food… What are the benefits of Amla?


With its super high vitamin C content, Amla promotes immunity and helps in disease prevention, including common colds. The antioxidant properties in Amla ensure that oxidative stress in the body is reduced and amla promotes overall well-being, increasing longevity. Boosting immunity with Amla is indeed easy.


Used in many ayurvedic remedies like Chyawanprash and Triphala power, Amla helps in promotion of healthy lifestyle as It aids in detox of the system and also ais weight loss when used in triphala powder. When used in hair growth oils, Amla helps prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

While I can go on about how Amla is an elixir for you, all I want to say is, make it a part of your daily healthy lifestyle. I have tried creating some recipes to help you add this to your diet easily. If you feel I can help you by making any other recipes too, just drop me a line….


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