Laddu - The best of all Indian Sweets

Laddu will surely be the most likely contender, if some day India has to choose a national sweet dish.

No doubt, "Laddu -The best of all Indian Sweets".

India is a country with variety of sweets and outnumbers the sweets in any part of the world.

Laddu is an omnipresent sweet in every festival, occasion like wedding, auspicious rituals, ceremonies, celebrations etc. Obviously every region in India has its own varieties of laddu with different flavors.

Laddu is a favorite sweet of every Indian whether in urban areas or rural areas.

Neenu’s Natural is a brand popular for the varieties of healthy and natural Laddus with different flavors.

  1. Besan Ke Laddu

Besan Laddu is a delicacy made in many households, but to get a perfect laddu is actually a piece of art! Starting from slow roasting the besan in ghee to obtain the right colour and aroma, cooling it and then blending with sugar, refining to ensure the ingredients are mixed well and finally adding nuts and shaping the laddu.

No festival is complete without savoring this mithai. Besan Laddu, a popular sweet all over the country lends itself to all festive occasions.

Benefits of Besan Ke Laddu

  • Besan laddu are a very good source of folate or folic acid. Folic acid is vital for iron production and for rapid growth of white and red blood cells in the body. It is also an essential vitamin during pregnancy.
  • Being a good source of phosphorous that works with calcium and is very important for good bone health.
  • It contains good amount of Vitamin B1 that prevents heart diseases and improves red blood cells, protects nerves and helps in carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Besan laddu are rich in dietary fiber hence prevent the spike in blood sugar level so it’s good for diabetics. Also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • It has Low Glycemic Index which can satiate you without adding on too many calories and sweet cravings.

Neenu’s Natural Besan Laddu are loved for its best taste, flavor, color & aroma. No chemicals, preservatives makes it the best sweet not just for you but also for kids & elderly.

  1. Gond Ke Laddu

Gond is popularly known for its great health benefits. It boosts stamina and health, helping one keep away from falling sick due to cold and cough. To consume gond, gond ke laddo is the best way.

Gond Laddu is a traditional sweet which is very popular since ages due to its health benefits. It is excellent for each and every one and is an excellent evening snack for kids with a glass of milk. Is it usually consumed more in winter season.

Neenu's Natural Gond Laddus are prepared with gond, whole wheat atta, pure cow’s ghee, unrefined sugar, and lots and lots of nuts.

Benefits of Gond Ke Laddu

  • Gond laddus are rich in calcium, magnesium and some protein, they strengthen bone tissues and lubricate the joints. Also reduce the back pain and other joint pains.
  • Very good for pregnant women and lactating mothers for strong bones and extra calories. Gond laddus provide vital nutrients to regain strength post-delivery.
  • Gond laddus are very helpful in building immunity against viruses during winter season.
  • They are made with nutrient dense ingredients like whole wheat flour, ghee, nuts and gond, they are a perfect energy food for kids and youngsters. Gond laddus are equally good for adults and old people as they provide strength and stamina to them.
  1. Sattu ke Laddu

Sattu has become popular and known as a superfood. It is a protein-rich flour made from powdered bengal gram (chana) or other pulses and cereals. It has numerous health benefits and has some very quick and tasty preparations made out of sattu. One of the most tasty and healthy one is Sattu ke Laddu.

Neenu's Natural Sattu Laddu  are prepared with sattu, jaggery, pure cow ghee and lots of nuts which are full of amazing health benefits.

Benefits of Sattu Ke Laddu

  • Sattu Laddu are rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. This makes it a very high nutritional food.
  • Sattu has very high amount of insoluble fiber which aids digestion.
  • Since sattu laddu has a very low –glycemic index, it is good for diabetics. It is good for people suffering from high cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.
  • It has a very good nutritional value, due to its cooling properties sattu laddo is very good for summer season and is a very good evening snack for children.

    Final words

    I know after reading “Laddu - The best of all Indian Sweets” your mouth must be watering. You must be thinking of preparing it at home or wondering about how to get it.

    Don’t worry when you can order all these laddus online from Neenu’s Natural and get it anywhere in India.

    You can be rest assured of quality because at Neenu’s Natural we use only the best quality jaggery, whole grain flour, pure cow ghee and lots of nuts. So a power packed natural organic healthy food or snack excellent for whole family is there in the form of laddo.

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